Groupe Poisson

Groupe Poisson has developed a wide range of activities and services to satisfy the needs of the industrial, construction and environmental sectors. These activities include renting and maintaining construction equipment, undertaking civil engineering, earth-moving and geothermal works, installing roads and associated services, refurbishing and installing modular buildings, recycling materials, and also providing specialised temporary staff and professional training.

With Denis Poisson at its head, the group gives great importance to people, and puts the emphasis on skill levels. For these reasons, over the last 40 years clients have been fully satisfied by the quality and scope of the services provided by the SMBs (small & medium-sized businesses) which make up the group.

Through its three divisions – Rentals, Civil Works and Services – the Poisson Group is dedicated to providing all that is required for the successful implementation of its clients’ projects.

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First rental of an excavator with driver for earth-moving works.

Creation of Terre-net Poisson, offering machinery rentals without driver.

Creation of Maintenance Service, to provide maintenance and repair services on site huts.

Acquisition of Morel, a company specialising in the rental of public works machinery with driver.

Creation of Axel Génie Civil, specialised in civil engineering works for foundations.

Acquisition of Bernardoni TP, based near Avignon, France, which carries out external works, installing roads and associated services, and since 2003, material recycling.

Creation of Akela Intérim, a temporary employment agency specialising in the provision of temporary staff for the building, waste treatment and public works sectors.

Acquisition of the Australian company Select Civil, which rents out equipment, and carries out earthworks and civil engineering works.

Creation of a recycling activity within Bernardoni TP.

Acquisition of Duval in Gretz-Armainvilliers, which carries out earthworks, sanitary drainage and road works.

Acquisition of Brein Transports, a road haulage company specialising in the transport of oversized and non-standard loads.

Opening of the Grand Ouest (Western France) branch of the Groupe Poisson, located in Grand Fougeray.

Acquisition of SNDM, a trading company specialising in the sale and conversion of containers.

Creation of Poisson Formation training and occupational safety organisation.

Setting up of a new Terre-net Groupe Poisson site in Brillon, northern France, following the takeover of Conemat.

Bernardoni TP changes name to Axel Sud, and Bernardoni Recyclage becomes Terre-durable.

Modernisation of the Groupe Poisson's graphic identity in line with its structural evolution.

Acquisition of Marcel Equipment Limited, in Canada, a company specialised in the rebuilding and trading of public works machinery.

Creation of Akela Consulting
Opening of the Agency in Nantes

Acquisition of GroundTec, in Australia, a company specialised in the trading of equipment and machinery.

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Head Office

ZI Ampère
54 rue de Maison Rouge
77220 Gretz-Armainvilliers
Tél. +(33) 01 64 42 59 50

Nord Branch (Northern France)

ZI Sars et Rosières
12 rue des Neuf Bonniers
59178 Brillon
Tél. +(33) 03 27 23 98 18

Grand Sud Branch (Southern France)

201 avenue du Général Leclerc
30150 Roquemaure
Tél. +(33) 04 66 82 67 51

Grand Ouest Branch (Westerne France)

Parc d'activités de Grand Fougeray
Espace Nord
12 avenue CAPE 137
35390 Grand-Fougeray
Tél. +(33) 02 99 08 47 70